Writing a Book Blog

Write your blogOne of the reasons there are so many book bloggers on the Internet is because maintaining a blog is such a rewarding experience.

Writing a book blog is fun, especially because it helps writers keep track of their book reading experiences and share them with others.

It is also a great way to connect with other readers, giving even newbies a community with real-life meetings and events.



Starting a book blog does not have to be difficult

Setting Up Your Book Blog

  1. Begin by choosing a name for your blog that speaks to your theme, style and preferred genre of book. If you only read romance novels, for example, consider this as you create your blog. You might even choose to use your first name or something else that fits into your vision for the blog, so that readers will have a hint about what to expect.
  2. One of the next steps involves choosing a platform to use for the blog. It should be convenient and free for beginners, unless you already have some blogging experience. Some of the most popular out there include Tumblr and Blogger. It may be a good idea to set up your first template and color scheme similar to what other well-followed book bloggers in your theme are using so that you can fit in immediately. You can tweak this later if you want to.
  3. As you create your blog, consider including a few personal touches in an About Me section. This makes your blog more personable. Remember: your readers want to get to know you. Don’t be a faceless blogger on the Web.
  4. You also do not want to forget to include an email address and/or a contact form so that readers may get in touch with you.
  5. You can also include a Comments section at the bottom of your posts so you can further interact with your readers. Make sure you add a plugin for capturing spam comments or else you will be drowning in them.
  6. If you review books, your blog should have a clear policy regarding the types of books you review and what system you use to come up with a rating.

Writing Blog Posts

  • In order to offer a useful review and opinion of a book on your blog, it is wise to take notes as you read the book and to highlight or make note of passages that stand out to you. Trying to write a review without notes is a daunting task. Sometimes notes can even serve as a motivational tool as it will remind you of parts of the book that stirred up some emotions in you.
  • You should never discount the fun social aspects of book blogging. You can get involved with read-a-thons, challenges and weekly memes that other bloggers participate in.
  • You ┬ácan include surveys and challenges on your blog too. Ask about what books people are reading. What their all-time favorites are and why. Or maybe even talk about the ones they wish they never opened.
  • Most of all, you should comment on other blogs and build up a network of friends. Let yourself be inspired by other blogs.
  • As a writer, you want to keep your readers constantly engaged. In order to do this, mix up the content. Don’t just write review after review; write something unique once a week or so. This also includes putting images in your posts. Walls of text are simply unappealing.

Becoming a book blogger is one step toward building a connection with readers all over the world. It can be a rewarding experience to share your views and read those written by others.

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