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Writing a Fiction Book

Tips on How to Write Fiction

So now you’re clear on what type of book you would like to write: Fiction. Good for you, there is no shortage of topics for a fiction book. The limits, really, are only imposed by your imagination. So what kind of things should you look...
Writing a book for kids

How to Write a Children’s Book

You might think, “How fun! I am going to write a book for children!” Well, you’re right. It can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tough work, demanding and very competitive. So what are the basics for writing a book for children? Know...
Writing your online book

How to Write an Online Book or eBook

Looking to get your research or story in front of millions of people but wince at the idea of having to pray to the literary publishing gods to kindly look upon your manuscript and give it a chance to breath bookstore air? It seems online publishing...