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Introduction to Book Publishing Software

Many authors publish books and other printed material themselves though a professional on-demand printing service or by using desktop publishing software at home (Learn about software you can use to help you write your book here).

Authors electing to self-publish a book on a home computer should consider investing in book publishing software. Required self-publishing software programs for aspiring book authors include word processing software, graphics software, page layout software and electronic layout software also known as web layout software. book and software

Desktop publishing software combines all four of these self-publishing capabilities into one program.

Self-Publishing Software Tools

Authors with a great idea for writing a book and the desire to self-publish the book for a given audience should learn how to design, layout and print copies of the book after the idea has been developed into a revised manuscript ready for self-publication.

Authors should use word processing software to develop, write and revise the book idea. Professional graphic design software may be used to merge graphics and photos into a book cover design.

A completed manuscript also requires book-publishing software that will add a table of contents, a preface, an index and a bibliography for a non-fiction book.

Other self-publishing considerations include decisions about binding the book, the paper type used for printing many copies of the finished book and self-published book printing methods.

Desktop Publishing Software Choices

A full-length book may be designed with desktop publishing software to enhance the professional quality of the finished book and attract the attention of prospective readers.

Designers for magazines, professional newsletters and sophisticated marketing materials for precise printing placement use professional desktop publishing software. This software provides high quality page and text design.

Small-business desktop publishing software is less complex and offers many templates to facilitate fast and easy page design. Personal desktop publishing comes with many templates and clip art for a variety of projects.

The highest rated desktop publishing programs that are recommended for serious authors interested in self-publishing a book are:

  • SerifPage Plus X3 Publisher Professional,
  • Adobe’s In Design Creative Suite,
  • Scribus1.3.7,
  • Quark X Press 8, and
  • Broderbund Publishing Software.

Serif Page Plus X3 Publisher Professional uses interactive tools to publish in print and web formats and is compatible with only Windows operating systems.

Adobe’s In Design Creative Suite combines many features of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Fireworks into one program. Adobe’s In Design Creative Suite has the capability of varying page styles and sizes, adding text effects, creating tables and using 3D artwork controls to produce a self-published book.

Scribus 1.3.7 is a free open source product that incorporates all the features of a more expensive professional self-publishing program. Scribus runs on all operating systems and offers many online resources including user manuals and interactive tutorials.

Quark X Press 8 is a desktop web publishing software program that combines features of both Quark CopyDesk and Quark Print Collection. This software program also comes with a shared content feature that produces finished products ready for on-demand printing and web publishing.

Broderbund Publishing Software is perfect for authors interested in quickly and easily self-publishing a book by using either Print Shop Professional or Print Master Platinum.

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